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Canaan Alexander: Fic and Other Things

Canaan Alexander
20 January
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I'm a computer geek who wanted to be a writer in a past life (now known as "college"). After somehow managing to miss Doctor Who in the midst of an otherwise wide-ranging science fiction background, it caught up with me recently and ran over me like a freight train. Worse, Captain Jack Harkness's absence from season two of the new Who compelled me to watch Torchwood, and when I ran out of Torchwood, I started reading fanfic.

And when, finally, the characters started running about my head having emotionally fraught interactions with each other, I ran up the white flag and started putting them down on paper. I have no idea if anyone else will like what they're up to, but at least they'll be locked into it, and (hopefully) therefore quieter.

USan, by the way. Please forgive my British, or lack of same.

ETA: Also, White Collar has recently eaten my brain. Results of this cannot yet be predicted.